“Practicing just 30 minutes a day can Dramatically improve your American English accent in only a few months.” Co-Founder Cynthia Marie Accent Reduction Specialist Home American Accent Training English is considered to be one of the universal languages in the world of business.  While English classes are abundant in foreign countries, very few focus on using the proper accent.  For businessmen and women who conduct a lot of business in the United States it is very important to have American accent training.  This will drastically cut down on the chances of being misunderstood. Speak Like an American The first step in learning to speak more like an American is to identify phrases, words and sounds the are being pronounced incorrectly when compared to the American pronunciation.  American accent training will provide you the tools you need to pronounce these difficult letters correctly. Go With the Flow Americans speak with a certain rhythm or flow.  Stress placement is fairly consistent across the country.  So not only do you need to learn how to pronounce words correctly you must be able to speak in a speed and pattern that is distinctly American.  Good American accent training focuses on the ebb and flow, the intonation and the stress points as well as correct pronunciation. Don’t Go Native Many times, when an individual tries to speak a foreign language they tend to use their native grammatical structure.  Keep in mind that sentence structure might be quite different in another language or culture.  American accent training will teach how to put sentences together in ways that are natural to the American ear.  In addition this training will also teach some slang and figures of speech to help you sound like a true native. American accent training takes into consideration not only pronunciation of words but the flow of a sentence as well as the proper grammatical structure.    It is important to learn the whole process to be an effective speaker when dealing with an American audience.  Cynthia Marie Accent Lessons