“Practicing just 30 minutes a day can Dramatically improve your American English accent in only a few months.” Co-Founder Cynthia Marie Accent Reduction Specialist Home Accent Modification Everyone speaks with an accent. For individuals who must associate with business peers outside their geographic region it is important to make sure that you are being clearly understood.  Accent modification could be the key to making yourself clearly understood in another culture. Different Types of Accent There are two general different types of accents.  A regional accent is usually within the same country.  For example, the southern drawl is distinctly different from the Boston accent.  And sometimes the sounds are so different it can be difficult to understand your own compatriots.  Foreign accents occur when people raised to speak one language, try to speak another.  Their native accent folds over into the new language making it very difficult to understand. The Pitfalls of Having an Accent Not only can having an accent make it difficult to be understood but also other issues can arise.   You may find yourself avoiding business or social situations where the audience might not be able to understand you.  This can hold you back especially in business endeavors.  Not being understood can be very frustrating.  Especially when you have to repeat yourself over and over again.  Finally some audiences might not hear your message because they are too busy listening to your accent.  Accent modification is the perfect way to reduce or eliminate these issues. Accent Modification   Anyone can learn to modify his or her accent.  Business people who conduct themselves between different cultures will find this talent particularly helpful.   Your instructor will first ask you to speak naturally.  Your words will be taped and played back so the educator can determine where your accent is overly thick.  A lesson plan is then developed to suit your needs and effectively reduce your accent. Whether you wish your countrymen to understand you better, or you plan on interacting with an international crowd accent modification is the key to clear and concise communication.  By identifying and then changing those phonetical areas of heavy accentuation you will find yourself more at ease when communication with peers outside your native home.  Cynthia Marie Accent Lessons